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Move out cleaning Services Houston


Moving out cleaning near me

 Move out cleanings services Houston, TX


Moving can be stressful enough. New place in a new city, cross state lines, or even cross to a new country.

After packing up all your stuff into boxes? Wrapping up all the big pieces like dressers, beds, and tables, and finding the right movers to help you. Now the task is to clean up all the dirt, shower glass, oven, and inside the refrigerator, all that dust built up has been behind the dressers in the knocks and crannies. Maid Service has provided move out cleaning services since 1996 over 27 plus years to Houston Texans.


The Benefits of Move Out Cleanings

  • Time saved

  • One less task to do

  • Move on to the future

  • Farming it out to a professional

  • Not buy more cleaning products & equipment

  • Get your security deposit back

  • The landlord can quickly turn over a clean place



How much does a move out cleaning cost? It has a lot of factors 

1. Is it going to be completely empty?

2. How neglected is your home being cleaned?

3. Size, sq ft how many floors?

4. Availability, How big of a window to clean your home?

Moving out cleaning preps the house like how you moved in. All the shelves, drawers, countertops, and cabinets inside & outside, here you rent or own your home, you want to leave a good impression on the new tenants and you’ve decided you may need professional help. Maid Service LLC will handle all of the deep cleanings that need to be done to make your home shine again. A move out cleaning consists of everything in routine basic cleaning, plus deep cleaning of the baseboards, oven, stove, refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, drawers, and other custom cleaning needs. Now that the rooms are empty (or nearly empty), it’s time to make your home or apartment look even better than it did when you first moved in. Many apartments and house contracts require a “broom-clean” while others call for a detailed checklist that covers everything from the stove to the baseboards.

 Services included on our standard move-out cleaning checklist may include:

  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors

  • Scrub shower and bathtub

  • Scrub toilets

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean light switches

  • Clean sinks & countertops

  • Inside Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Wipe down shelves 

  • Closets shelves 

  • Baseboards

  • Blinds

  • Inside windows

  • Clean outside of appliances

  • Inside drawers

  • Outside cabinets

  • Inside cabinets

  • Clean Inside Oven 

  • Dust Ceiling Fans can handle most, if not all, of the items on your checklist. We’ll take care of the move-out cleaning so you can focus on your move. Need help on the other side too? Learn more about our move-in cleaning services.

How much does a move-out cleaning service from Maid Service cost? It all depends on the size of your home or apartment and the condition it’s in. Feel free to get your price here so we can discuss the details of your move-out cleaning.

Make-ready cleaning is a type of cleaning service that is typically performed when a tenant moves out of a rental property, such as an apartment or house, in order to prepare it for the next tenant to move in. The purpose of make ready cleaning is to ensure that the rental property is clean, sanitized, and ready for occupancy.

This type of cleaning can include a range of tasks, such as deep cleaning of floors, and surfaces, as well as cleaning and sanitizing appliances, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

The goal of make ready cleaning is to restore the rental property to its original condition so that it is clean and welcoming for the next tenant. It is often performed by professional cleaning companies specializing in move out cleaning.

7 Helpful tips before you move out cleaning or move in cleaning!

Tip 1. One-two months before you move out of your place. Call in all of your maintenance orders at your leasing office to fix everything that is broken.

Tip 2. If hiring a moving company, make sure all items are put into boxes. Movers will only take furniture and boxes, leaving behind anything, not in boxes.

Tip 3. Make sure your apartment is completely empty on the day of the scheduled cleaning. This allows our house cleaners the ability to perform a thorough clean without having to take the time to move items. 

Tip 4. Get your carpet's spot cleaned after you hire Maid Service to make the move out cleaning.

Tip 5. Make sure you still have electricity, lights, AC, or a Heater on your scheduled cleaning day so Maids can see the dirt to clean it properly, have electricity for their vacuums, and work in a comforting environment. 

Tip 6. Take pictures of the finished job so you have a proof for your landlord or leasing office.

Tip 7. Hire Maid Service LLC to clean your new place also prior to you moving into it. There is nothing worse than having to move into a home that is grimy and not clean. Start your new life clean. We can also help keep your new place clean by signing up for our recurring cleanings such as weekly or bi-weekly one time cleanings. We will love to continue to keep you clean. We love to clean so you don't have to. 


Studio Apartment
Packed Moving Boxes


Move out cleaning services

EXTRAS Deep Cleaning
  • Bed Service (make the bed or change linen)

  • Baseboards (with a broom)

  • Baseboards (hand wiped)

  • Blinds (with a duster)

  • Blinds hand wiping (only thick blinds)

  • Inside oven cleaning

  • Inside refrigerator/freezer

  • Inside windows

  • Dishes 1 load put away or set to wash

  • High-dusting cobwebs & light fixtures

  • Sweep Balcony

  • Sweep Garage

  • Ceiling fans

  • Clean front door

  • Built-in cabinet fronts

  • Pick up & decluttering Service (light duty)

FAQ about
Move outs Cleaning

What are the cleaning services? Cleaning services encompass a range of professional cleaning solutions provided by companies or individuals. These services may include regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more.

Make Ready cleaning checklist:  A "Make Ready" cleaning checklist outlines the tasks and areas that need to be cleaned during a move-out cleaning to prepare a property for the next occupants. It typically includes detailed cleaning of all rooms, fixtures, appliances, and surfaces to ensure the house is in pristine condition.

Best move-out cleaning service near me: Looking for the best move-out cleaning service nearby? Maid Service LLC takes pride in providing top-notch move-out cleaning services to ensure your property is left sparkling clean and ready for its next occupants.

Move-in deep cleaning: Maid Service LLC move-in deep cleaning service is designed to give your new home a thorough and meticulous cleaning before you settle in. We'll make sure your new space is fresh, sanitized, and ready for your belongings.

Deep cleaning services in Houston: Maid Service LLC deep cleaning services in Houston offer comprehensive and detailed cleaning for your home. We go beyond regular cleaning to tackle hidden dirt and grime, leaving your space immaculate.

House cleaning services in Houston: Maid Service LLC house cleaning services in Houston are tailored to meet your cleaning needs. Whether it's regular maintenance or a one-time deep clean, we're here to make your home shine.

Make Ready cleaning prices: For transparent and competitive pricing, Maid Service LLC Make Ready cleaning prices are designed to reflect the specific cleaning tasks required for your property. Contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.

Move-out cleaning services with carpet cleaning: In addition to standard move-out cleaning, Maid Service LLC offers carpet cleaning services to ensure your carpets look and smell fresh. This comprehensive approach leaves no detail overlooked.

Move-in cleaning service: Maid Service LLC move-in cleaning service ensures your new home is spotless and welcoming. We take care of every corner, giving you peace of mind as you settle into your new living space.

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