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7 tips to reduce stress on a budget!

Updated: May 11

My favorite stress releasers are on the cheap or budget. Life can be so stressful if you don't manage it, it will take you down in health. So a rule of thumb is to be kind to yourself and it's ok

to LOVE yourself. Loving yourself gives you permission to be gentle, kind, joyful, patient, and good to yourself. You don't need another person beating you up for just relaxing and being.

  1. Music is my number one choice relaxing spa, soft jazz, or ocean sounds. 2 free platforms Spotify | Pandora

Woman Listening to music

2. A hot bath is transforming your body and mind. You can use salts, aromatherapy, or bubbles.

Women relaxing in spa

3. A nice walk just to get outside a breath and move your body at a slow pace. Walk with friends,

neighbors, a dog, or a family member.

women walking together

4. Candles a nice candle can overwhelm your senses a can transport you to an imaginary place.

Candles lite

5. Bike ride through a bike trail or a park you can borrow neighbors, friends, or rent one.

Man on bike

6. Take a nap or a rest for an hour, or two it helps shut down the whole body.

woman sleeping

7. Meditate on a peaceful thought and just breathe one after another. Gods word

man meditating

Please see other blog posts all on tips, living, and lifestyle

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