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How often you should clean your home?

Updated: May 11, 2023

At some point, everything in your house needs to be cleaned. Some items, like the dishes, get cleaned every day, while others, like the couch, get cleaned now and then. If you are not sure when you should clean what, we have created checklists to help guide you on when to clean everything in your home.

Make your bed

Every day

  • Make beds

  • Wash up

  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces

  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket

  • Sweep kitchen floor

  • Wipe down shower

  • Wipe stove after use

  • Clean around the toilet bowl

  • Clear away clutter

Clean folded clothes basket

Every week

  • Mop any hard floor

  • Give the bathroom a thorough clean

clean faucet

  • Clean mirrors and toothbrush mugs

  • Dust surfaces

  • Vacuum all carpets and floors

  • Wash bed linen and towels

  • Wipe down kitchen appliances and surfaces not cleaned daily

  • Clean the inside of the microwave

  • Do the laundry

hardwood floors cleaned

Every month

  • Vacuum hard-to-reach areas, including under furniture

  • Wash bathroom mats

  • Wash & sterilize tooth brushes & tongue scrapers

  • Change air filters

  • Clean blinds and/or vacuum curtains

  • Throw away any out-of-date food and wipe down cupboards and shelves

  • Wash doormats

  • Wash all your windows

  • Clean dishwasher, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner

cleaning counter tops

Every 3 to 6 months

  • Deep-clean inside of the fridge

  • Wipe down internal paintwork

  • Have a mini garage blitz

  • Clean out the freezer

  • Deep clean home

  • Organize your home

  • Clean & organize garage & storages

  • Wash or dry-clean pillows, bedspreads, and duvets

  • Vacuum mattress

  • Clean oven thoroughly inside and out

cleaning inside refrigerator

Cleaning House Houston Maid Service

Every year

  • Deep-clean upholstered furniture and carpets

  • Wipe window frames

  • Clean fireplace and chimney

  • Have chimney swept

  • Power wash drive ways, sidewalks & exterior of home

  • Empty gutters

clean gutter Houston

Deep cleaning

House cleaning

Maid Service

Cleaning Service

Apartment Cleaning

Office Cleaning


Steve roger
Steve roger
Dec 07, 2022

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