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    Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why should I choose Maid Service LLC? 


We care about your needs and pride ourselves on providing the best house cleaning experience. Therefore, we go to great lengths to earn your business. We pay attention to detail and have very high standards. We want you to be satisfied with our cleaning and continually work to make that happen. Maid Service LLC takes pride in our ability to recruit and maintain the very best house cleaners in Houston TX. Our professional staff thoroughly cleans your home every visit. As we get to know your home, we can improve our cleanings to meet your needs. If your needs change we can adapt to them as well.


We choose our cleaners very carefully. Each must undergo a thorough background check including criminal background check, drug testing, have the ability to communicate in English, and most importantly have the desire and "can do" spirit to get the job done, on time, and with a positive attitude. We provide extensive, continued on-the-job training, and our house cleaners are knowledgeable. 


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. You will always find us easy to communicate with. We are available through text, email, and phone. We have a quality assurance program to monitor how well we are cleaning your home and very much encourage your feedback. We want to keep you happy. We have a very hands-on approach to business. Your suggestions, comments, and compliments are always welcomed.


What services do you offer?


We offer a customizable cleaning experience, knowing that our client's needs and desires are as individual as they are. We have a Basic cleaning that we perform every time we clean for you. Then you can customize your cleaning experience with our optional to add Extras to enhance your cleanings. 


Add on extra services: we have additional add-ons that you can request at any time. For example, inside oven cleaning, inside the refrigerator, freezer cleaning, and cleaning cabinets fronts, Please inquire about pricing for additional services. Sorry, no substitutions. We do not offer substitutions for what we usually perform for add-ons. All additional tasks requested by the homeowner are subjected to an additional charge. Please contact the office for pricing. We can pretty much clean everything that is inside your home to your desire. If you do not see a task on our list, please inquire about having it done by texting, emailing, or phoning our office. You can call or text us at 713-504-7151 or email us at All additional tasks must be scheduled through the office, to allow for additional time to perform the additional tasks). Please do not schedule additional tasks through our house cleaners. In addition, all pricing is done through the office. Our house cleaners do not know to price and do not schedule cleanings. Our house cleaners have one job and one job only and that is to perform an outstanding cleaning experience every time for our valued clients. 


Move-in or Move out cleaning is designed to clean an empty apartment or home. They are usually cleaned done before or in anticipation of moving in cleaning or moving out cleaning of a home. In addition, it may be a cleaning to prepare to put your home on the market to sell. Move out cleaning is a very extensive cleaning designed to clean areas that have been neglected during the course of living in the home. For example, deep cleaning inside the cabinets, deep cleaning inside the stove, and fridge. There is an additional cost for performing this task outside our Deluxe cleaning package (basis maintenance package) and needs to be scheduled to allow our house cleaners time to perform additional tasks. Please contact the office for pricing on our Move In/Move Out Prices. Sorry no substitutions, our house cleaners cannot substitute cleaning tasks performed on the Basic Cleaning for those performed on the Move out cleaning Move in cleaning. Kindly see our list of what is included in Move out/Move in Cleanings.


Due to the special skills, consideration, and time-consuming nature of doing Laundry, Sorry we do not offer laundry service at this time. We suggest having laundry done by services that specialize in this. For example, Dry cleaning and Drop off services. We'd be happy to refer you to some laundry services in your area. We are in no way affiliated with these services, this is simply a courtesy we can perform for our clientele.



How do I decide if I need a weekly or every 2 weeks of ongoing services?


A good rule of thumb is if you like a home that stays clean and fresh looking, have to pet(s), have more than 2 people living in the home, and or cook often then we recommend Weekly sign-up cleaning.


If you like to wait till it "looks dirty" to have it cleaned, have 2 or fewer residents, have no pets, and cook rarely or not at all then we suggest our every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.



How do I prepare for you to clean my home? 


When you schedule your appointment, please be specific as to the areas you want us to best focus on. Please make sure that we know how we are going to get into your home if you are away: Key Location, Entry Code, Alarm Code (if necessary), your apartment leasing office can also issue out our maids a key. All you have to do is fill out a "Permission to enter form" at your apt office. Please make sure this is done before your cleaning date.


When we are in your home, we want to maximize the time we can spend cleaning your home. You can help get the best value for that time by picking up as much clutter as you possibly can. Anything that we need to pick up takes time away from the actual cleaning and that is most often your primary goal in having us clean your home. A good rule of thumb is 5 or fewer items on the bathroom counters and around the tub/shower area. 10 or less in the kitchen and keeping the clutter on furniture to a minimum. We highly encourage the use of organizational or decorative containers to put items in. Just kindly keep the containers under 10 lbs so our house cleaners can easily move and clean under the containers. We reserve the right to skip excessively cluttered areas of the home without adjusting our initial price.


In summary, we want you to get the best value for your money. We appreciate your cooperation in allowing us to provide you with the very best cleaning experience for you.


Will regular cleaning help reduce my allergy symptoms? 


Yes! Humans and animal dander and dust are the primary causes of indoor allergies and asthmatic reactions. Deep cleaning and regular upkeep are essential to effectively removing these allergens from your home. We thoroughly dust with microfiber cleaning cloths that collect dust, instead of just pushing it around. We also use real ostrich feather dusters that were humanely harvested because they do a superior job of grabbing and removing dust. We also use Hepa-filter vacuums that filter 99% of the dust, pollen, allergens, and molds that we vacuum. Once it is in our vacuum, it stays there and is not redistributed about your house. 


Does it matter whether I'm home or away when you clean? 


It doesn't matter one way or the other. We clean many homes when the family is away so that when they return the house is sparkling clean and fresh. In those instances, we often have a key to the home or have access to a code entry pad for the garage door or through your apartment leasing office. If you wish to hide a key, please let the office know and we can either put it back in its hiding place or leave it in the home when we leave. 


What days do you Work? 

Our hours of cleaning are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. On weekends we are closed and on selected holidays we are closed. Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

When and how do I make payment? 


We require an active Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, American Diners Club, JCB, or Union Pay card to hold your time slot. Once we make your appointment, we hold your time slot and turn away other businesses. We do not double or triple book cleanings like many other cleaning services who rush through homes to get to as many homes as possible or worse just do not show up if they get another appointment that pays more. You will never have to worry if we are not going to show up to clean. In all our years of business, we can honestly say we have not missed an appointment due to overbooking. We pride ourselves on our dependability and loyalty to our clientele. This also allows us the time to do an outstanding job of cleaning your home consistently. We process all credit/debit card payments before your scheduled cleaning date before service is rendered. This allows time for our credit/debit card processing company to process your payment and for us to receive payment for your cleaning. You can either pay for the above credit/debit cards or Cash in the amount of the cleaning on your cleaning day, in a marked envelope labeled Maid Service LLC. Please clearly label cash payments so our house cleaners know that the money is for them to take. They never want to mistakenly take the cash that's not for them. Sorry, we do not accept checks of any kind. 


Do your house cleaners do other chores? 


No, They are only authorized to do the basic cleaning and the extras you selected. They are house

cleaners and we do not step out of those parameters. 


Who provides the cleaning supplies/equipment? 


We supply all the professional equipment and supplies needed and are included them in the cost of your cleaning.  We clean with conventional cleaning supplies. Our house cleaners are professionally trained in how to use our supplies and equipment allowing you to simply come home and enjoy your sparkling clean and fresh smelling home. 

Can I communicate with my cleaners about issues concerning my home? 

No, All communication is done through the office. Our cleaners are only there to clean and provide consistent cleanings on what you have ordered.

Can I leave a tip for the maid(s)? 


Absolutely! Please feel free to leave a tip or text the office and we can use your credit/debit card on file. Regardless of the reason, we very much appreciate your communication.


Can I trust your maid(s)? 


Since 1996 our clients have trusted Maid Service LLC. We choose only the very best candidates that apply. Before even being considered, each candidate must undergo a thorough criminal, work history background check, and drug test. Maid Service LLC sends screened, trusted, experienced, and dependable house cleaners to your door. If we would not trust someone to clean our own home, we would not send him or her to clean yours. 


What if something valuable is broken when the maid(s) cleaned my home? 


We take great care when cleaning your home, however, accidents can happen. For this reason, we are insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our honesty and the relationships we have with our clients. If any breakage/damage occurrences in your home, we will contact you immediately and take the appropriate actions necessary. Appropriate actions vary from household to household. If you notice breakage/damage, note that you must notify us immediately within 24 hours, so that we may take the appropriate action needed. We will not take responsibility for any damage not reported to us within 24 hours of our scheduled cleanings. Items of extreme value (monetary or sentimental) should be dusted or cleaned by the customer. Please note that antiques, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind, and hard-to-find items are not covered by our breakage and loss policy. We suggest that such items be moved to a safe location on the day of your cleaning, where our house cleaners do not have access to them. We cannot be responsible for the breakage of items that are unstable or in an unstable environment. We reserve the right to skip cleaning such areas. All surfaces are assumed stable, sealed, and ready to be cleaned without causing harm. Minor breakage/damage incidents will be resolved by replacing items or discounts on future cleanings agreeable to both client and Maid Service LLC. We always want to come up with a solution that is beneficial for both parties.


Cancellation policy?


We know life happens and on occasion, you may have to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment or cancel service completely. Our cleanings are by appointment only. Once we take a reservation, we hold that time slot open for you and you alone. We turn away other potential clients to ensure your appointment is met. We never double or triple book nor cancel your appointment for other more lucrative cleaning jobs. Thus we ask that you give us at least 2 weeks' notice for cancellations, this allows us to find a replacement for your time slot so we can retain our wonderful and valued house cleaners and they are not out of that income. We require an active credit card on file to hold your appointment. To avoid a $50.00 cancellation fee on your credit card on file, we require 2 weeks’ notice. In the event of a cancellation or lockout, with less than 48 hours’ notice, the client agrees to pay by credit/debit card on file the entire cost of 1 scheduled cleaning plus the $50.00 cancellation or lockout fee. A lockout occurs when cleaners arrive at clients' homes on scheduled cleaning days and cleaners cannot enter premises for any reason. The client’s credit/debit card on file will be charged the full cost of the scheduled cleaning plus the $50.00 cancellation fee. If a lockout occurs, we will not issue reimbursements for services not performed nor will we issue credit for work not performed. When a lockout occurs it is not our fault scheduled work was not performed nor will we be held responsible for work not performed through no fault of our cleaners. Lockout fee can also be applied if for any other reason, a staff member feels uncomfortable/harassed in any manner or that his/her personal safety is endangered enough to cause him/her to leave the job site due to clients, clients' family members, guests, or pets on the premises. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We pride ourselves on our mutually beneficial relationship with our valued clientele. Thank you in advance for your business and your consideration of this matter. 


What do you not clean?


Due to health concerns, we cannot clean animal or human blood, vomit, or feces. Outside windows, laundry, fake plants, China cabinets, Glass shelves, one of the kind heirlooms, chandeliers, walls, extreme cleans, hoarder home, post-construction, move furniture, move rugs, cat litter, and roach infestation homes.


                                       We are a smoke-free environment workplace.



           Maid Service LLC reserves the right to change our policies.



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