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Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Robot vacuums are here to stay! They are so helpful around the house. It's like

2020 Robot Vacuums Reviews Maintenance

set it and forget it. The only drawback to any vacuums it the sound when it's on. So if you are not working from home that's the best time to run it. I know my dog hates when it comes on, she like whats that making noise during my snooze time. Other than, being home when it's going on its is so worth it. We used the IROBOT wet robot & the dry vacuum before in the past. We really fell in love with them. "Rosie" from the Jetsons we name the dry vacuum. "Steve" was the wet robot that mopped the floors. We name him after Big Daddy the movie with Adam Sandler "Scuba Steve" So the new generation we went with what our needs are and purchased the ILIFE V3s Pro Pro Vacuum Cleaner. Our price on Amazon for $118.99 well below most robot vacuums. We like the fact it has a controller. self-docking and schedule our clean with it. It goes under our couches and beds and all furniture like a champ.

Hardwood Floors Cleaning

Works well on our hardwood floors, carpet, and tile floors. It keeps the big pieces off of the ground and walking around barefooted like a dream. It all so makes us pick up our shoes with the Home Depot grabber love that item. Sure makes picking up an easier chore instead of bending over and over. I would stress if you have large shedding pets like husky's would think a canister vacuum is a way to go most definitely. Robots have not got there just yet.

Irobot home app

Robotic Vacuums: The Advantages and Drawbacks

You should now have a sound idea of whether or not a robotic vacuum would make your life easier or represent a waste of money. Before we briefly explore a trio of the very best robotics, we’ve whittled down the upsides and drawbacks of these smart cleaning appliances so you can see at a glance whether you feel robot vacuums are worthwhile.

Shark self cleaning docking
  • Save Time and Effort: Obviously, the fact your new vacuum will clean without your physical input saves you both time and effort on an ongoing basis. You can kick back and rack up your Fire TV while your robot does all the hard work for you

  • Programmability: Not only can you get the cleaning done when you’re not at home, but you can also schedule exactly when you’d like it to happen. The all-around convenience of robots is perhaps the main reason anyone invests

  • Quieter Than Regular Vacuums: A standard vacuum can kick up quite a racket but most Robo vacs are practically whisper-quiet

  • Deep Clean Every Time Right To The Edges: Where earlier versions of robotic vacuums offered patchy performance, the newer and smarter models can equal or even outflank manual vacuums leaving your home cleaner than ever before

  • Compact Space-Savers: The size and shape of Robo vacs allow you to store them away even in limited spaces so they’re perfect if you live in a smaller apartment with restricted storage space.

  • Low Maintenance: Demanding very little by the way of upkeep beyond ditching the dirt every few cycles and occasionally swapping out the filter, you barely need to do a thing with a robotic vacuum on your team

Houston maid service
  • Price: As with any automated kit, you can expect to pay a premium. We would urge you to consider overall value rather than focusing purely on the bottom line, though. Also, prices are still in decline so you can pick up a relative steal as we review makes crystal clear

  • Can’t Clean The Stairs: Unable to deal with cleaning stairs, you should hold onto your old vacuum so you can keep the whole house in order including the staircases and all the above-floor cleaning like curtains and furniture.

  • Snags With Some Carpet Patterns: If you have carpeting with black patches on, the sensors on your Robo vac might assume it’s a drop-off point and fail to clean that area properly

As you can see, the shower of benefits served up when you automate your cleaning greatly outweigh the drawbacks. We’ve omitted factors like the time it takes for a Robo vac to clean from the negative column since it’s almost irrelevant. You can get the job done automatically even if you’re not at home so what difference does it make if it takes twice as long as cleaning by hand?

Having loaded you up with a theory, it’s time to get practical with a brief look at some of the leading Robo vacs on the market.

Floor Maintenance Cleaning

Since you’ll be buying a robotic vacuum as a labor-saving device, it’s obviously prudent to make sure the model you’re considering won’t be too heavy on the maintenance front. As technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds, filtration improves, and extraction systems become ever more efficient, the level of human input required drops. Look for a robotic vacuum where all you’ll need to do is empty out the bin along with occasionally changing the filters. That way, you won’t end up spending more time tinkering around than you would have spent vacuuming manually. Be smart and get the most suitable vacuum for your modern smart home.

Size of Dust Bin

While not a critical issue, you should at least pay attention to the capacity of the dust container.As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to ditch the contents of the dustbin after perhaps 3 or 4 cycles.Don’t write off robots that fill up quickly completely, though. Sometimes it just indicates that they’re extremely good at their job.

Cleaning Floors

Price should always play a part in any buying decision but should never be the sole determining factor. With many basic products, there’s little real difference between the cheaper and more expensive options. We can’t claim this logic holds true with most robotic vacuums. You might find the odd model like the Ilife we review come in at a keen price without stiffing you on the cleaning front but generally, you’ll get what you pay for with a robotic vacuum. If you’re strapped for cash but still determined to buy a Robo vac, why not consider an older model from one of the better manufacturers? That way, you’ll end up with a robot from a brand you can rely on upon without needing to take out a bank loan.

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