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Welcome to Maid Service!

 Houston's best local, green, family own and operated, professional, affordable House Cleaning Maid Service.

The old saying is true; home is where the heart is. If you love a clean home but are too busy or simply hate to clean, you've come to the right place. We've developed Maid Service with your needs in mind. We know how busy you are. Given today's fast-paced lifestyle, most people do not have the time or the desire to spend their valuable time cleaning.​ It is important to choose a reputable maid service that will provide top quality service, not just the first time, but every time, so you have the peace of mind and clean home you desire and deserve! 

Choosing Maid Service as your maid service is a wise decision. We've done all the work for you so your able to simply come home to a clean, sparkling, great smelling home. We assign the same maids to your home so you know who is cleaning when you are not home and you get the consistant quality cleans that you deserve. Furthermore, all our house cleaners are long term emplyees that are fully trained, background checked, can communicate in English, and there is never a language barrier getting in the way of a great house cleaning. We are insured, bonded, trustworthy, dependable, and use only non-toxic, ecofriendly, biodegradable, never tested on animal cleaning products.

Furthermore, we are not a franchise. Which means you get the individualized 
attention and quality consisant cleans that come with the reliability of a professional cleaning service. You will NEVER have to worry if we are going to show up. We pride ourselves on our dependability. Move over, since we are not a franchise and are a small local Family owned and operated company we are able to keep our costs low which means we pass the savings on to you, our valued client. Which makes us very affordable too! We truly appreciate and value your business!

​ Maid Service has been in the cleaning industry for 18 years. It has been our goal to always provide Houston area homes and apartments with a customized, quality house cleaning service that is trustworthy and dependable. Because your life is full, and you would rather spend your free time doing what you love, let us do your dirty work! ​ We are the answer to your house cleaning needs! 

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Kami K.
Heights Area

I love Hate 2 Clean Maid Services! They have done an AMAZING job cleaning my home! This Maid Service Company in Houston is one of the best. They are always on time, super friendly and the house looks amazing after they have cleaned. It was a bonus that they used green friendly cleaning products to clean my home. I would recommend them to anyone.

Gerry Driver
Houston, TX

I would describe myself as a cleaning service veteran. In some way shape or form I've been using cleaning services for 20 plus years now. Being in the oil and gas industry, I've lives all around the U.S. and in several country's oversees, and utilized cleaning services everywhere I've lived. With that as a basis, I find this cleaning service top notch. What I really like about them: 1) They send the same assigned house cleaners. I met them the first time and was instantly comfortable with them, friendly, hard working and it was obvious that they were well trained and cared that I was happy with the service. Had no problem with handing over my key to them that day. 3 1/2 years later they still clean for me every other Thurs and provide consistently good cleanings. I like ESP that they clean under things not just around them. Very thorough. I never have to worry if there going to show up. Very reliable too. 2) This might sound very un P.C. but yes, the fact that both my house cleaners speak English and communication is not difficult is a HUGE plus in my book. In the past, with other cleaning services, it was extremely frustrating trying to play relay with the office, or having to use Google translator to try to communicate my needs. I was "Yessed" to death and did not get what I wanted only got what they wanted to provide, if you know what I mean. With this service, everything is on their website, you pick the package that best meets your needs and you get what's listed. Very straight forward. If you want a little more, like fridge cleaning or oven cleaning you pay a little more. If not, your not paying for services your not needing. Keeps it affordable. 3) I priced around and continue to price around and find they have great prices for a service that is bonded and insured. The ones that are cheaper are not and I simply do not trust a cleaning service that is not bonded and insured. Made that mistake before and I had my belongings broken, things came up missing and when i really needed them they didnt show up. Always go with folks that are bonded and insured. Trust me on that. 3 plus years, no damage. They've even found stuff for me that I've misplaced. 4) The office is really easy to communicate with. I just shoot them over a text and they are always friendly and willing to accomodate my needs and concerns if possible. 5) Btw, they use ecofriendly cleaning products. Personally, I don't care either way but if that's your thing... 5) They get a star just for the name itself, Hate2clean. Too funny! Love a business with a sense of ...