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Apartment move out cleaning services in Houston, TX

7 Top reasons why to hire a professional cleaning service like Maid Service to do your move out cleaning services in Houston, TX. How much does move out cleaning cost?

Moving out cleaning Houston TX

1.) You have no time!

2.) You have to leave out of state on business.

3.) You hate to clean period.

4.) You are already stress out from packing and moving now you have to clean it.

5.) Get my deposit back or not get charged from landlord.

6.) If you did it you might ruin your apartment or house.

7.) It's your past leave it to us. (move forward to your future)

Move out cleaning Houston, TX Maid Services


Our experience cleaning pros do move out cleanings every day. We know what how to clean all surfaces in your home we provide continual training to all of our teams. Since 1996 we have providing move out cleanings and we have a 98% satisfied customers. This is what you get check below.

apartment move out cleaning Houston, TX maid service

All Rooms

Clean & Dust The Following:

Ceiling Fans

Washer & Dryer

Dust items on Furniture (Underneath items too)

Tidy up and Straighten

Empty Small Trash Containers into

The main Kitchen Trash Container

Vacuum, Sweep & Mop All Floors


Clean, Disinfect & Polish the Following:

Clean & Put Away Dishes (1 load)


Counter Tops

Outside Appliances

Items on Counter Tops

Inside of Microwave


Clean & Disinfect The Following:



Counter Tops





Toiletries & Knick Knacks

Move Out/Move In Includes All Above

Inside Oven

Inside Refrigerator/Freezer

Inside Cabinets & Drawers (All Rooms)

Inside Closets

Light switches

Cabinets Fronts (All Rooms)

Built-In Shelves

Blinds (With A Duster)

Baseboards (With A Broom)

Sweep Out Patio or balcony

EXTRAS Include

Baseboards (Hand wiped)

Blinds (Hand Wiped) Plantation blinds only

Inside Windows

Clean Front Doors

Other per your request

Sounds like a nice and thorough cleaning, right? It is!

So, you may be asking yourself, how do I get started? We make that really simple too! Just click here! look for your zip code and if you see it proceed to step 2 and fill out the information. Get your price though email. You get your price in writing upfront pricing no hidden fees. Follow the email instructions to book your cleaning. We make it that simple for your convenience to have a effortless move out cleaning experience. Our name Maid Service. We look forward to cleaning for you!

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