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9 ways your dishwasher is your new cleaning BFF!

You can put more in your dishwasher than plates and soap. Here we're going to explore the many uses of the dishwasher.

Dryer lint filter trap maid services houston how to

First, cleaning your dryers lint trap. Yes, Its dishwasher safe and cleaning the lint trap regularly in your dishwasher will help with more removal of lint left on your clothes. Just toss it in once you removed as much lint from it as possible.

Hair Brushes and combs in the dishwasher for sanitizing move out cleaning houston

Second, throw your combs and brushes in there too. Remove all hair and lint prior to putting them into the dishwasher. This will disinfect them in one load. You can do it the same time as when you clean your dryers lint trap, to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Baby Bottles to sanitize them in the dishwasher apartment cleaning services houston maid services

Third, for all those new mommy and daddy's out there, a great addition to your house hold would be a portable dishwasher in your master bath or nursery. The ones that were meant to be in RV's or trailer homes. You plug the water input into a sink faucet and let the drain hose dangle into the sink. Its less than $200 and you can just throw your dirty baby bottles and other assorted toys and dishwasher safe items in there without having to walk to the kitchen when your tired/sleep deprived and your regular dishwasher is being used for dishes that you just haven't had a chance to get to because of your priorities being taking care of your little bundle of love. This is especially helpful for those with 2-3 story homes saving all those extra trips up and down stairs. move out cleaning houston

Baby in high chair dinner plate to wash in the dishwasher cleaning services near me houston tx maid services

Speaking of parenting hacks, throw in your table top from your high chair into the dishwasher.

Moreover, Many baby items including toys are dishwasher safe, One problem is that some things are so small they fall through the racks. The solution is a zippered mesh lingerie bag, Don't overpay for a fancy one at the lingerie department when the are easily obtainable at your neighborhood Dollar Store. Cleaning services Houston

dishwasher how to wash other than dishes maid services housekeeping deep cleaning move out cleanings

Forth, Throw in your grease pans from under your stove top coils everytime you cook along with your dishes to keep them cleaner longer.

wash your small bird cage in the dishwasher house cleaning tips and tricks maid service costs

Fifth, If you own birds, a dishwasher can clean almost anything from the cage, toys, water bowls etc, While your at it throw in the bird cage too. Making sure you have tweety in another back up bird cage. Tweety would not enjoy a bath in the dishwasher. LOL.

washing the beer bottles house cleaning houston

Sixth, if homebrewing is one of your hobbies, the dishwasher is oh so handy at sanitizing glass bottles after you've thoroughly cleaned them. Obviously, very little water will splash into the bottle for cleaning purposes, but the heat especially during the dry cycle, should be enough to kill any microbes living on the glass.

Got older kids? Throw in there bicycle and football helmets in the dishwasher for added cleaning and disinfecting.

Lastly, periodically throw in your families ball caps, they are safely cleaned and disinfected in the dishwasher, no dishwashing tab or liquid is required the hot water

and drying cycle is efficient enough to clean and disinfect your ball caps.

Share your favorite ways you use your dishwasher to clean items other than dishes. Lets learn from each other!

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