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11 items you should NEVER put into your dishwasher. EVER.

11 items you should never put into the dishwasher

In our current series "How to make your household appliances work for you", we've previously explored the many ways your dishwasher can be used to clean more than your dishes. In that vein, it makes sense to explore what not to put in your dishwasher as it would run the risk of ruining said items. Here's what we've found:

Nonstick Pans This one is rather confusing, to say the least, especially when many are labeled "dishwasher safe." However, the harsh chemicals in detergents and the high temperature during the drying cycle can eventually wreak havoc on your nonstick cookware. If you insist on putting it into your dishwasher, we suggest opting out on the drying cycle and allowing the nonstick pans to air dry or you can also of course towel dry them too. But to do so you also might be still running the risk shortening the life of your nonstick due to the harsh dishwashing liquids and tabs. So, utilize the dishwasher at your own risk.

Non stick pans never go into the dishwasher machine maid services

Pressure Cooker Lids With the recent resurgence of Pressure Cooker's popularity, this is a good one to know. Never put the lid of the pressure cooker in the dishwasher. You need to hand wash pressure cookers lids instead. Why? The lid contains the valves that control how well the cooler works. The action of a dishwasher can force small particles of food into the valves and vents and cause the cooker to malfunction, THat means EXPLODE! Yikes! What about the pressure cookers pot? That's perfectly ok to put into the dishwasher. So, pot, yes. Lid, NO!!

Pressure cooker lids never go in the dishwasher

Then there is Copper... Copper anything should not go into the dishwasher. Again, the harsh chemicals that are in dishwashing tablets or liquids will IMMEDIATELY dull the finish and can be corrosive and cause pitting. Once pitting occurs, it cannot be removed even with the best copper cleaners. So, that's a big no go in the dishwasher.

Copper pots or items never should go into the dishwasher

Aluminum anything... You have to be careful with Aluminum items too. If your items have been anodized than your good to go, you can utilize the dishwasher. However, if you do not know if they have been anodized or you know that they definitely have not been then hand washing is the way to go. Again, the harsh detergent can cause pitting and white spots on the surface due to the alkalinity of the dishwashing tabs and liquids. Even if the pan is labeled as "dishwasher safe" its best to hand wash.

Cast Iron Cookery When cast iron is run in the dishwasher, the harsh chemicals in the dishwashing tablets and liquids strip away the oils and leave the cast iron unusable. The seasoning process must be completely done all over again,

Cast Iron Never put in the dishwasher

Cheese and other graters and sieves Any sharp-edged tools should not be placed in the dishwasher. Including, graters, micro planes, and sieves. They are so sharp that they can nick the plastic coating on the racks and rust will begin to form in your dishwasher. So, this is the first time mentioned that the item can actually do harm to your dishwasher. So, if you have ever had your basket inside your dishwasher rust unexpectantly and seemingly out of the blue, this may have been the culprit.


Again the sharp blades of the knife may cut into the plastic coating of the racks, causing rust to occur. In addition, the harsh chemicals in dishwashing detergent both liquid and tabs will cause the knives to dull. Best to hand wash knives. Also, the dishwashing detergent harshness may cause wooden handles to loosen and split.

Knives in the dishwasher no no Maid Serivces

Wooden anything If it's wood it's no good in the dishwasher. The culprit again is the harsh chemicals and high temperature in the dishwashing cycle, better to hand wash my dear.

Wooden Items never in the dishwasher Maid Service

Pets and children Sorry, just kidding on this one :)

Kids never put in the dishwasher

Regular dish detergent

This is already widely known but it's a good one to mention if you're ever tempted to use your regular Dawn in the dishwasher, Don't just don't. Never ever use regular dish detergent, the high foam content will cause water and suds to seap out and overflow outside your dishwasher. Leaving a foamy lake in your kitchen. Just, don't, do, it!

Dawn in the dishwasher never

Hand-painted ceramics or antique and delicate items

Hand washes only due to the strong sprays, harsh detergents, and high temperature. Your delicate heirlooms and beautiful hand-painted ceramics requires a delicate touch of hand washing to keep them from becoming ruined.

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