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Best house cleaning service in upper kirby 77098?

Why Maid Service is the Best Cleaning Service in Upper Kirby in Houston, TX 77098?


Our concept is simple, we have a Basic Cleaning Package that we clean every time we visit your home. While we named it "Basic" its anything but! Its what clients have most requested over our 25 years in business that they need the most. How often we clean for you is entirely up to your needs and budget, we conveniently offer one time, weekly, bi-weekly (aka every other week) and monthly (once every 4 weeks) cleanings.

Our Basic cleanings include:

We thoroughly clean each and every cleaning the following on an as needed basis:

ALL ROOMS Clean and dust the following: -Ceiling Fans -Washer and Dryer -Dust Furniture and all items on furniture (under items too) -Empty all trash receptacles in all rooms into kitchen trash container -Vacuum, sweep and mop all floors

KITCHEN Clean, disinfect and or polish the following: -Clean and put away dishes. YES! we clean your dishes and or put away your clean dishes nicely into your cabinets. -Countertops -Outside all appliances -Items on countertops -Inside Microwave

BATHROOM(s) Clean and disinfect the following: -Sinks -Mirrors -Countertops -Fixtures -Tubs -Showers -Toilets -Toiletries and Knick Knacks

So, the above is what we clean each and every time we visit your home! Sounds like a nice and thorough cleaning, right? It is! But we know there are other areas in your home that need attention too. How often is entirely up to you. That's why we call them "Extras". Extras are additional to the above cleaning price and are a great way to customize your cleaning to what you want or desire. These extras can be performed every time we visit on occasion when you text us, 713-504-7151 to add it to your ongoing service. It's entirely up to you and what your needs and desires are. Extras can be added at any time just give us a text, 713-504-7151, and we'll schedule those extra tasks in, please ask for pricing when you text.

Move out cleaning service in Houston

What are our EXTRAS?

EXTRAS INCLUDE: -Cleaning baseboards with a broom -Hand clean baseboards (when a deeper cleaning is needed) -Inside Oven -Inside refrigerator/freezer -Inside windows -Sweep outside patio(s) and clean patio furniture -Clean cabinet fronts in kitchen and bathrooms -Clean front door -Bed Service Our maids will put clean sheets on beds homeowner has removed the dirty sheets from. Homeowner agrees to put clean sheets on each bed making sure they are the right fit for that bed or else our maids will simple make the bed. Changing duvets have an additional charge. -Vacuum Couch(s) and under cushions

So, you may be asking yourself, how do I get started? We make that really simple too! Just visit the first page of our website, look for the "60 Seconds for your Get your price click here button

and submit your information and we will tailor make your cleanings to your desire and needs and provide you with your price for each cleaning. It's that easy. Our website is our name Maid Service. We look forward to cleaning for you!

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