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Top 5 services included in your rent that your apartments office don't want you to know about.

The following are services that most professional apartment communities offer that are more times than not free just for the asking. Many times you can simply order them on your apartment communities website portal under the title "maintenance requests" or order them by calling your leasing office. Take advantage of this lifestyle improving service. Why not? They are included in your rent.

Light bulbs changing out

1. Light bulbs- Did you know that light bulb changes are included in your rent and absolutely free. So, don't run the risk of hurting yourself by getting on a ladder and changing them yourself, let a maintenance professional do it for you and have one less thing to do.

Pest Control Services

2. Pest Control- Roaches, ants, and pests are never a welcomed house guest, even if you could charge them rent. No worries, you do not have to live with these unwelcome guests. Again, put in a work order for the extermination of your apartment.

Trash Valet Service door removal

3. Trash Valet Service- It's simple if it sinks take out the trash. It's amazing how much this simple act will eliminate the "stinkies" from your place. Now its easier than ever, as most communities offer free valet trash removal where if you leave out your trash in a provided receptacle they will come and haul off the trash, like magic your trash will disappear. This often times is free or your already paying a fee for it to take advantage. Plus, save money on air fresheners and "smell good" plugins and candles that simply mask bad trash odor as most of the time trash is the culprit for making homes smell less than their best. Get rid of the odor-causing culprit at the source. Remove trash on the regular.

Broken A/C, Blinds, Plumbing, Baseboards, Floors

4. Anything broken- Got broken appliances, weak water pressure, baseboards and carpet damage your puppy chewed up during their teething phase? Call or order in a work order on your communities website under maintenance requests. Most think they need to hide those damages but in fact, if you are honest with your apartment community and let them know they will fix it. What gets most into trouble is not doing anything about it move out then your apartment community will have to take it out of your security deposit. Don't have a security deposit? That does not mean you are off the hook regarding responsibility, the apartment will fine you and you run the risk of a lien and worse a bad rental history that limits your future ability to rent elsewhere. Be smart. Be honest. Get what's broken fixed BEFORE moving out its not only the right thing to do your paying good money for the luxury of it. Honesty is always the best policy.

Air Filters changing out

Water filters changing out

5. Air vent filters & water filters- Cut down on the dust and clean up your air for a healthier living environment. This too is also free and included in your rent. A great rule of thumb is to replace them once a month. So, when rent time roles around put in that work order for a new air vent filter and keep your place cleaner and healthier.Hope this inspires you to send in those "maintenance requests". After all, they are free if you only ask for them.

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