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Pet lover's best hack ever!

Vanity Fair Best Hack for dog poop on the carpet

Most of us who cohabitate with canines and kitty cats alike know the horror of unexpected messes that our beloved beastie besties can make. Specifically, poop. Yes, I'm just going to say it. Panicking in a frenzy one night, after a particularly extensive and scary sickness that caused my four-legged friend to have uncontrolled you know "whats" I frantically googled what to do to remove "messes" from my new living room area white rug and my bedroom rug. Low and behold I found the answer from no one other than Oprah Winfrey, not only a media empire empress but a dog lover, shes had 21 dogs over the years and despite being financially well able to hire others to do her dirty work, she insists on doing this task herself. Whether she is your "cup of tea" or not you got to give it to her for being this down to earth in regards to cleaning up after her fur babies messes. That night, I just so happened to be lucky enough to have club soda and dishing washing liquid so this is the hack I used, and it worked! Later, I found out the same technique worked for pee pee too. Those of you who have kitty cats, do not fret it works for pee pee or tee tee no matter the species. I told a neighbor my secret and she confirmed that it worked for her kitty messes too!!! Here's Oprah's/Vanity Fair Magazine video that saved my rugs. Thanks, Oprah and Vanity Fair Magazine!

Nightmare is real what to do when dog poops on the carpet

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