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Windex (Original) vs. Heinz Vinegar

Exploring overall general cleaners today. This is not including disinfectants, that's for another planned blog. Were talking great overall cleaners you grab that's currently under your kitchen sink or in your cleaning kit already.

Ok, this is a cleaning products Battle Royal, are you ready? In this corner is Windex Original in the other is everyone's grandmothers favorite, White Distilled Vinegar, any brand of course, who's going to come out on top as a general cleaner? As a huge fan of both fine products, its fun to explore the strengths and weaknesses of both. Here we go! Buying and trying every type of cleaning product and alternates and using it to its full capacity and beyond until I knew its limitations, is kinda my thing. When you know a products limitation you know what it can and can't do. You become a ninja of the cleaning products, so to speak, waxing poetic is sometimes my thing too :). But I digress, back to the main event, I've cleaned with both of these powerhouses all my life spraying both on every type of surfaces and types of materials. Except when I knew doing so would harm a surface i was cleaning, of course. So, what I've come up with here are some of the know characteristics of both in a handy dandy list including both good and bad qualities of both, happy emoji indicating positive and sad emoji negative:

1. Pretty Blue color :) 1. Clear-for those who don't like dyes. :) 2. Smells like ammonia. Not good. :( 2. Strong objectionable scent too. 3. Leaves streaks without excessive buffing :( 3. Clean glass with less buffing. :) 4. Granite its does just ok, needs buffing 4. Not officially safe for granite-but have used it successfully without etching occurring. Less buffing. :) 5. Shower walls and glass, leaves spots :( 5. Removes hard water spots :) 6. Not an disinfectant. :( 6. Not an disinfectant. :( 7. Not safe to use on tv and electronics 7. Safe on electronics :) 8. Can't use on furniture :) 8. Safe on the furniture 9. Considered "toxic" by some :( 9. Non-Toxic :) 10. Cost more :( 10. Cost less :) 11. Does an ok job on grease :( 11. Cuts grease better :) 12. Can us on marble :( 12. Safe to eat. :) 13. Can't consume :( or put on salad ;)

14. Does not remove calcium, lime

or rust stains 13. Cuts through grease easily :) 14. CAN NOT be used on marble 16. Removes Calcium, lime and Rust stains 17. Cleans porcelain tile :) 18. Removes soap scum :) 19. Laundry softener :)

20. Combine with baking soda to cleans dishwashers or Inside ovens :)

21. Many other hacks etc...just Google! :)

The official CALL?

Adding up all the happy emojis, vinegar is the clear winner! Just by looking at the above list vinagar is the clearly the more versatile and cost effective choice.

I am so sure we can find more positives and negatives for both products. I am only doing a small quick summary on these products. Tell us why either is your favorite general cleaner?

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