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Move in cleanings? How to hire a professional.

This type of cleaning is before you move in your stuff. When I bought my first home I found that the home sat on the market for 3 months. When I walk inside, I just inherited a dirty home I said to myself. So going down the list online for a reputable cleaning service Houston. I got so many quotes that I forgot who they are from. My first question I always ask, are you insured & bonded? The second question what's included in your move in cleaning package? The third question, do I need to supply the cleaning products? How much is the price after taxes? Do you have the availability? Check out their reviews online on the business like Yelp, Google Plus, BBB, Angie's list. Most important what do they clean for the money. I would take the top three that interested me. Compared them side by side. Here a tip for you construction dust removal is a process. So when I bought my home I had them update my floors, and my counter tops in my master bathroom and my kitchen. I didn't realize the amount of dust in the air and on all over my new home. Ask in they do construction dust removal or not. Have a great time move in! Cheers.

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