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7 Reasons to get your Apartment Cleaning Services in Houston.

House cleaning Houston

It Doesn’t Take a “House” to Need Housekeeping: About Our Condo and Apartment Cleaning Services Walking into a clean and comfortable home, whether that home is an apartment or a condo, is a wonderful feeling.

Since 1996, Maid Service has become the most trusted name in home cleaning and apartment cleaning services. Our secret: We’re insured, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and we’re flexible—incorporating the wishes of our clients into our time-tested Maid Service cleaning method:

cleaning Service Houston Weekly Maid Service

We work with you to create your very own cleaning plan, and follow it every time. Before joining the Maid Service family, each maid is trained to become an expert in the detailed, customized maid services we provide. Only passionate, caring people have the honor of wearing Maid Service recognized uniforms. We would like to give you

the seven reasons why you need a apartment cleaning in Houston.

1.) Before you move in- The leasing office didn't quite get your apartment as

cleaned as you like it to be. Sometimes they don't check to see it was properly clean by there housekeeping staff.

2.) Holidays cleaning- Parents and family popping in on your lifestyle and your place is not up to par.

3.) You started to date- You just started dating someone and you'll at that level

to invite them back to your place.

4.) You can't stand a dirty home period.

5.) Moving out your place and need your deposit back.

7.) You are to busy from work to get your daily cleaning done.

With Maid Service apartment cleaning services, you get guaranteed results and never have to worry about liability, taxes or cancellations—a team of Maid Service employees will always arrive at your apartment or condo when scheduled, with your cleaning plan in hand, to give you the free time you need and a home you can be proud of.

Hire Maid Service for apartment cleaning or condo cleaning every week, alternate weekly, once a month—choose what works best for you. And yes, we’re available to renters for the deep cleaning or a move out cleaning required at the end of your lease to get your security deposit back.

To get started, simply use our online form to get your a free online estimate. There’s never any obligation.

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