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3 clever ways to disguise a litter box

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

1 slides ideas to keep your cat litter box not the focal point in your home. Hiding your cats litter box is freeing mostly because it not an eye & nose sore. Also you can control the smell comes from the box with great ideas.

2. Unassuming Side Table Is A Great Idea to Hide the Litter Box.

You'd hardly know that this sleek piece was hiding all of cats personal items. An entryway carved into the back provides easy access inside.

3. Polka Dot Bench

Sneak a litter box into a comfy window seat, and it won't even feel like you're devoting any precious space to your cats, err, business.

Cats are great, and one of the greatest things about them is that they poop indoors. They practically toilet train themselves! But also, one of the worst things about them is that they poop indoors. And you, as their human, are stuck with the dilemma of where to put the cat toilet. So we've rounded up a few DIY solutions, and these DIY's serve other purposes besides just hiding something that might be a bit of an eyesore: Concealing the litter box will give your kitty a little extra privacy, cut down on litter tracking and smells, and (if you have a dog) prevent all those cats dropping from becoming the world's most disgusting snack. Dana from House Tweaking hid her cat's litter box by cutting a hole in the side of an IKEA PAX wardrobe and adding a kitty door to it. Since the entrance to the litter box is located under a bench, with the wardrobe doors closed you almost wouldn't know it's there.(Image credit: Xnet)In a Tel Aviv apartment spotted on Xnet, the litter box hides between the washer and dryer, accessible by a cutout in the cabinet door.(Image credit: IKEA Hackers)(Image credit: IKEA Hackers) Over at IKEA Hackers, Cristina made an elegant (can you call a litter box elegant?), modern litter box cabinet from an IKEA wall unit. The front flips down for easy scooping.(Image credit: DIY Network)(Image credit: DIY Network)From the DIY Network, another custom litter box cabinet. The little anteroom, with the carpet floor, helps to reduce tracking.(Image credit: Olive and Love)Laura at Olive and Love created a litter box cabinet from an old filing cabinet. The top drawer was removed and a little platform added so the cat can perch on it and then jump into and out of the litter box: to scoop the litter, all Laura has to do is open the drawer.(Image credit: User pink and inky on Craftster )From user pink and inky on Craftster, here's a clever idea for a bathroom with a wall-mounted sink: Use a skirt to conceal the litter box beneath the sink.(Image credit: Bella Pop)(Image credit: Bella Pop)Here's another litter box is hidden inside an IKEA cabinet, from Bella Pop. This one does double duty as an end table.(Image credit: Instructables)(Image credit: Instructables)From Instructables comes this very involved but very neat litter box project — a self-ventilating litter box concealed inside a built-in drawer in a bathroom.(Image credit: Amazon) If you prefer to keep the litter box in your laundry room but want to leave the door shut (either for aesthetics or to keep those dogs out), there's the Cathole, a kitty door that you can add to an existing interior door to give your cat access to the space even when the door is closed. It's available from Amazon for $31.99. Marti from Project Palermo installed hers in a closet door — you can check out plenty of photos of that setup here.

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