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How to keep your bathroom cleaned in between your services.

When our customers first sign up for weekly or bi weekly cleaning services, we always ask which rooms they’d like us to focus on while we are there. And the answer, at least, 85% of the time, is the same: the bathrooms. While a regular cleaning service greatly reduces the workload, bathroom build-up is unavoidable and, let’s face it, kind of gross. However, with these tips, you can take it all in stride, at least until your next scheduled clean day.

Keep bars of soap in their own containers and away from the sink.

Bar soaps are wonderful in their own right; they are inexpensive, smell nice, and clean effectively. They also leave a soapy film on everything they rest on. To keep the mess to a minimum, store bar soaps in a separate container, and avoid using them at the sink, and tub where they’re more likely to make a visible (and hard to clean) mess.

Curb the clutter.

While it’s easy to assume most of a bathroom’s cleaning comes from the aftermath of what happens in there, the biggest battle you fight isn’t with the toilet seat—it’s with clutter. Do yourself a favor and keep your bathroom counters as clutter-free as possible. Place regularly used items in baskets beneath the sink or behind the door. A counter top with just a few items is easier to clean and makes the room feel bigger and brighter.

Fortify your germ-busting armory.

Keep disinfecting cleaning wipes around to quickly tackle toothpaste globs and toilet splatters (in that order!). Also, keep a stash of dryer sheets handy; they not only quickly collect hair and dust, they also do wonders on water spots. Be careful when using them on floors as they can make the surface slippery.

Brush regularly.

Make a habit of giving the toilet a quick brush at the beginning or end of the day, wiping down the surrounding surfaces as you go. This regular cleaning minimizes build-up and is an easy and rewarding habit to get into (and teach to anyone else who uses the bathroom).

Keep it fresh.

Pull your shower curtain closed. Straighten or refresh your towels. Line up your hair care bottles. Spritz the air with something minty or full of citrus. These little things take all of a minute to do—all together—but can leave a lasting, and satisfying, impression.

Shower Stall.

After every shower have a large absorbent bath towel. Wipe the entire

shower with the bath towel until dry. Hang or put the towel in the dryer. This well cut down on mold, mildew, & soap scum of the shower.

Happy wiping.

Above all, don’t fret with a deep clean. That’s our job at Maid Service. Use these tips to keep you sane until we come through again!

- Get your place cleaned

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